• Tire Services

  • Tire Rotation Services

  • Rotating your tires on a regular basis will help to ensure longer tread life and improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. We suggest you rotate your tires at the recommended frequency set by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

  • Flat Tire Repair

  • Flat tires are sometimes unavoidable and can be frustrating, leaving you stranded on the side of the road. We have the tools to fix everything from a slow leak to a tire puncture and will have you safely back on the road again in no time.

    Flat Tire Repair Service includes:

    • Tire and wheel removal along with proper dismounting of the tire from the wheel
    • Diagnosis of the tire repair.
    • If the damage is minor, it can usually be repaired. In some cases, the damage is too large, in which case thetire will need to be replaced.
    • Repair of the tire using two different methods: plug type repair or patch plug.
    • Remount tire to the wheel and reinstall on your vehicle
    • Check and set tire pressure.
  • Buy New Tires

  • We sell and service most all major brands of tires so we’re certain we can help you find the right tire for the right price. Call for pricing. (203) 481-4400

  • Tire Balancing

  • Balancing your tires ensures a smoother ride, is an effective way to promote safety, reduces tire wear and increases your vehicle’s gas mileage.

  • TPMS Services

  • The tire pressure monitoring system alerts you of decreasing tire pressure.
    A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service includes:

    • Testing of each of the vehicle’s TPMS sensors
    • heck and set tire pressure

    In some instances, the TPMS sensor must be replaced.  A TPMS sensor replacement service includes:

    • Testing of each of the TPMS sensors to determine which sensors require replacement
    • Removal of tire and old sensor
    • Programming of a new sensor and proper rebalancing of the wheel
    • Check and set tire pressure